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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Brain size: Determinant of intelligence!

For those who like to know facts they will agree that ostrich eye is bigger than its brain, that is why ostrich has been found to hide its head and lost sight of what it try to avoid thinking that by not seeing the unwanted..., then that means the unwanted stuff cannot see it too.
Well, this is because they have smaller brain which makes thinking and judgment to be narrower too.

Human are said to have larger brain than all creatures (don’t forget that women have 25% more brain volume than men) which make integration and synthesising processes of complex tasks and ideas to be possible. Other animals with considerable sizeable brains are dolphins and gorillas. If you follow them very well you will be amazed by their complex thinking and acts.

Few months ago at the red sea, dolphins managed to save the sailing ship from the Somali pirates by swimming around the ship while “flying” throughout the journey across the rum sum passage preventing the pirates to approach the ship, when pirates gave up, the dolphins continue for a while hundreds of miles and when it was safe they left the ship to sail away with no trouble.

Who knows... they might have been observing how pirates are cruel when they caught ships along that dangerous corridor, and they decided to do something to demonstrate that ... we don’t like that.

My question is..... does the human brain now .... Shrinking?

Because .... it seems animals now have much more sense of humour and identity among them within the same species sometimes more than what we do!. Ndiyooo......They protect their young ones, they feed them, they don’t mix sexuality in terms of gender and they know the right age for procreation. Hakuna shoga, basha, msagaji wala mbakaji. Bila kusahau kuvuta kabangi na mihadarati.

Sasa hivi kuna mashirika yanagoma kutoa misaada kwa baadhi ya nchi ati kwa sababu hawawatambui wanaojivinjari kwa jinsia moja. Burundi yaliwakuta mwaka huu....
What is happening to our bigger brains, I am sure wanyama wakituona kwa sasa, huwa wanatikisa vichwa na kutema mate!!
Jumapili njema!!

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Anonymous said...

Kuna baadhi ya watu ubongo wao umeshakuwa mdogo kuliko wa hata panzi, usishangae watu na matukio ya upuuzi