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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Man City Made it ... Since 1968

English Premier league 2011/12 season has ended with a dramatic win for Man City over QPR after being trailling by 2 - 1 until the injury time. The heroes were Dzeko and Aguero who scored two vital goals on stoppage time to lift up Man City to the top spot of English Premier League.

It was a great moment for Man City fans who had been seated on hot coal throughout the game.

Manchester United came second after the narrow win 1 - 0 over Sunderland, just beaten by goal difference with arch-rival and Premier Champions, Manchester city. Arsenal came out third when they won against West Bromwich Albion by 3 - 2 goals, and Tottenham clinch the last post for Champions League

Both Arsenal and Manchester united have a good record for Champions League qualiffication. However, for this year they both finished without any title.

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