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Monday, 12 September 2011

Sad News: Fire Tragedy in Nairobi, Kenya

East Africa has faced another bad traged within few daysy. This time has occurred in Nairobi slums along the Lunga lunga road named Sinai. The fire, erupted today 12th September 2011 in the morning hours.  

More than 100 Sinai residents have been confirmed dead and nearly 120 have been admitted in Kenyatta National hospital in Nairobi for emergency treatment, some of them have serious burns where they requires fluid and blood transfusion immediately. 
The source of the fire has not been identified yet, however there is a rumour that it was started by a Sinai resident who was trying to siphon petroleum from the pipeline, and during the course of drilling, the fire erupted with thunderous bang and huge flames scattered all around. 
The damage of slums is unexplained as most of the houses were gutted down to thrashes and ashes.

This is the second tragedy in east Africa for the past 2 days, as in earl hours of Saturday, a ferry carrying more than 800 passengers and overloaded with goods capsized in Zanzibar water, as she was heading to Pemba Island. The accident took away life of more than 200 people, most of them being women and children, and about 610 were rescued. 
The normal capacity of capsized ship was 645 passengers and 45 crews. 
In both tragedies, the respective Governments have promised to be responsible for treatment and burial ceremonies for deceased.

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