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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Uganda: We Cannot Help You

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, has joined the club of longest serving African presidents after winning the 4th term presidency term by scooping over 68% of all the votes casted on last friday.

The first runner up. Kizza Besigye gained 26%, and less than 6% of the presidential votes were shared among other presidential aspirants. 
Besigye has repeatdly say that this elections was fraudulent and should be disregarded. He added that there were a lot of corruptions especially to buy local parties electoral observors, in particular, from opposition parties. He further claims that Museven will be evicted in Egypt's style if he forces himself into country leadership.  
Many international observers casted their voices that presence of armoured millitia men and police forces, had created fear among voters which necessitated some of them to abandon voting exercise. 
Other East African countries are still astonished to see thier co-member Uganda violating the democraticy by bending the limitations of presidencial terms and assuming the kingdomship. This has serious consequences on the move to establish East African Community with common market and currency.

This is similar to Libyan issue, when President Ghaddafi was urging to have one sovereign government for Africa, while himself had been in power for more than 4 decades.
Many African head of States appeared to have ignored his proposal simply because he was preaching contrary to what he was doing.


Goodman Manyanya Phiri said...

Who is the angel who decreed that having a longest-serving head of state is necessarily evil?

Aren't Ugandans allowed their sovereign right to crown Museveni "King" or "President for life" if they want to?

Let us not chorus songs whose origins we do not know. For all I care, this particular song about "long-serving despots" may well be a song from hell. Furthermore, it is already a truism that each nation gets a leader they deserve.


chib said...

Likewise.. it was .. during Saddam Hussein, Iraq for Iraqis!