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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Czech Doctors: Mass Resignations

It is likely health sector in Czech will collapse soon if strong measures will not place within a short time.
This is due to massive resignations of Czech doctors in protest for low salaries when they compare to other sectors which have less working hours as compared to Doctors.
So far, around 20% of all doctors have resigned, and much more are expected to resign in near future.
Czech has nearly 20,000 doctors.

Currently, the gross payment for Czech doctors which includes overtime, averages at USD 2,650 per months, that is before taxation.

The threat for resignation has been on pipeline since the end of last year, but probably it was not taken seriously by Czech government.

Low salaries is the fifth on the list of 13 reasons which made Czech doctors to resign, among others is financial mismanagement in hospitals and other you can read here

Czech has been faced with repeated doctors strike for various reasons like in 2005, private doctors had to show their angers following late re-imbursements from services they offered, and in Feb 2007 there was another protest against Czech health Insurance conduct.

As usual, the group of people who will be highly affected are ordinary people and not politicians who plays a key role in National decisions.


Upepo Mwanana said...

Very unfair!

Trevor Woodford said...

It is always the ordinary citizen who suffers the most...!!!

Goodman Manyanya Phiri said...

Ms Mwanana and Messrs Chib and Woodford, what, in fact, has the world come to?

Why is it almost always the rule that any calling to serve the very survival of the venerable citizen spells exploitation?

Is the world still largely democratic or has it turned shamocratic?

I'm sorry if the Queen's Language disallows my last usage there, but I humbly propose we remake the world and have politicians on the lowest pay scales, rather than our dear doctors, nurses, teachers you-know-them-all!

If you're seeing a doctor in the next few days, I do wish you were head of state somewhere on the globe.

I do wish if you could tell me how much it will unnerve you to know that in the doctor's surgery sits a mind preoccupied with mundane matters like 'how to tighten the belt in order to pay for the child's next school fee?'

Tell me if you will find it relaxing to watch that same mind, so jejune and commonplace at focus, begin a very complex operation of INJECTING YOU.

While you watch, this vulgar mind now oversees the movement towards the picking up of the correct syringe among several incorrect ones.

The embittered mind now primes the syringe with the correct needle among hordes of effective barbed hooks for your medical condition.

The needle part of the operation, still chaperoned by a mind wondering where its next meal will come from,now noses its way to only one correct vial among a thousand incorrect ones.

The mind suctions the phial clean of a solution that could begin to either heal or, if picked incorrectly, JUST KILL YOU the moment it is injected into your blood-stream.

I bet you will call your bodyguards before the doctor injects you!