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Friday, 8 April 2011

Hellow Museveni! This is insanity

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has tendered a bill before the selective members of Parliament for endorsement of US $ 750 Million supplementary budget to buy 6 jet fighters from Russia. He said, money will be obtained from the Central Bank of Uganda. However, nobody within the bank is aware of the huge transaction plan.
Rosoboronexport, is the company which have signed a contract with Uganda to supply Su-30MK2s jet fighters. 
According to the Monitor, the members of parliament called to endorse the supplementary budget, were not aware of the agenda prior to meet the president, and he kept on referring the transactions without their knowledge, ........

It is further said, that the aim of buying the jet fighters is to protect Ugandan territory which is in danger of an attack.....
Political analysts are convinced that Museveni has observed what is happening in Libya, and realised that the same might occurs to him since he has been in power for more than 25 years and at the end of his current term, he will be cerebrating his 30+ years as president, and he seems that he would love to beat Gaddafi's record of 40+ years in power.
They concluded this, after the leaking news that he had signed another contract to buy anti-riot equipments, which of course will never be used to protect Uganda from al-shabaab offences!! 
Uganda need more money to invest on human welbeings (who are anyway tax payers, and the money is theirs) and environment than jet fighters, which might be used to protect the "chosen few". 


Anya said...

Thanks Chib
for your lovely words on my blog !!

Have a fantastic week-end
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Fadhy Mtanga said...

what is that attack endangering the national security of Uganda? It would have sounded loudly and clearly if it would have been revealed that they are meant to threatening other countries.
It is well known that Museven supports Ghaddaf. May be he wants to be an ally on this ongoing battle in Libya.
This is what and how I think.


Malkiory Matiya said...

Defensive mechanism! due to on going revolutionary movements across the continent against the so called life time presidents!