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Friday, 3 December 2010

Kenyan Football: Sad Story

Kenya National football team (Harambee Stars) for this year is almost out of competition for CECAFA Challenge cup in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  

They lost all their games so far after being beaten by Malawi by 3-2, and then by Ethiopia by 2-1. Now they will have to face tough opponents, the defending champions, The Uganda Cranes who have gained 4 points out of 2 games they have played.

It is so sad to see our neighbour Kenya is going out of competition so easily while last year they were runner-up after being beaten in the final by Ugandan team.

Kenya has been tough opponents in these competitions which are the oldest regional tournaments in Africa.

The problems probably are not related to the coach Jacob “Ghost” Mulee or players, but rather poor preparations. I am sure lack of appropriate football governing body in Kenya is the major factor for poor preparations.  
Probably FIFA which has now turn to have many corruptions scandals has a major role in distorting football programmes in Kenya, by deliberating ignore the elected football association and supporting the company to run the national league and international competitions. This has created big chaos, since the governing body recognised by Kenyan government is the one FIFA doesn’t want to hear. 
We all know Government has a role in improving National football team by supporting in various ways including some advice. But with the current situation in Kenya, it is practically impossible to run the intended programs.  
FIFA is not that clean to dictate what Kenyans they should do. This remind me what FIFA they did to our Tanzania when they stand firm to support corrupt leaders who were accused by our Government for financial misuse of the same FIFA money. They only gave up when the secretary general of football association of Tanzania was jailed for the same fraud charges and the chair was asked to return what he took illegally from the office. It was then, the proper elections were done and all corrupt leaders were axed out. Since then Tanzania has a steady football development, also football had grand support from the Government and of course the corrupt FIFA. 
I think FIFA should repent its decision on Kenya, and leave Kenya to manage her internal football activities which will help the region to have stiff competitions and see Eastern Africa roars into world cup!  
Huu ni mtazamo wangu tu!!


emu-three said...

Hii ndio inadumaza michezo, kwaninii posha isilipwe, kuna gari litakwenda bila petroli?

Jumaa said...

Ndio maana mpira wetu haukui. Ona sasa kenya wamejitoa ati kwa sababu ya kutaabika na njaa kisa hakuna pesa, hao sijui KPL ni kama mafisadi tu. Ebu wakae pembeni tuendeleze soka