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Friday, 26 November 2010

Have a nice weekend

I am running short of words...... 
This week was hectic ... busy.... whatever you call it..
Tomorrow, there is a community work here, no shop, market, bank, hotel, transport etc will be available from morning till mid day. 
If you are going to airport, you..either go before 7.00 am or after mid day! I am very serious.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!! :-x


Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Lovely weekend to you too!!


Wewe pia WIKIENDI kibonge kwako pia MKUU!

emu-three said...

Mhh, na wewe pia, iwe ya kusaza, lakini usitupe kwani wapo wanahitaji hata hayo masazo hawayapati!