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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Barack Obama wins Indonesian Hearts

Barack Obama's visits to Indonesia was cheered by this largest moslem country in particular at his short speech which he expressed his Indonesian life memories when he was a young boy at Indonesia (aged 6 - 10 years popularly known as Barry by then).   
He won the hearts of Indonesian people when he spoke some phrases of local language. He added that he was had great affection with Indonesia people in particular by having an Indonesian half sister (Indonesian-American).  
Obama, also applause Indonesia for extraordinary democratic transformation and refer it as an example in the world.  
He also focus on Indonesia economic growth and high degree of tolerance between reliogions while the country is dominated by moslems. He, further, was keen to strengthen the economic ties USA has reached with Indonesia.  
The overwhelmed Indonesian was evidenced through twiter messages to congratulates Obama, considering that Indonesia is the second largest Twiter user in the world.  
Photo from B B C



Jamaa mtundu kwa kuongea na taka usitake bado kwa wengi huyu nguli ni LIKABLE!

Crissant said...

I think he´s a nice guy!