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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Pakistan: Situation Worsening

Aerial Photo: NASA

Pakistan is facing the most difficult time ever seen before.

It seems flooding is unlikely to stop soon.

Everything moves upside down. Displacement of people is no more an issue to think, but rather thinking who and how will people survives.

When you survive from floods, you pave your way into starvation and diseases, cholera is building up.

Hospitals have no more electrical power, there is no sufficient medical supplies, no clean and safe water, no food, insufficient aid workers.

Emergency surgical operations at night have to be done under candle lightening.

Deliveries are carried by using repeated cleansed gloves..... barerly with water. You can still see traces of blood on cleansed re-usable gloves.

What a mess!!!!

Pakistani .... they need every possible help to survive.

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emu-three said...

Hilo sasa ni balaa, siui na hilo limeletwa na Osama...Hiyo hailetwi na mtu baba, ni mwenyezi anaonyesha uwezo wake...
Tunasikitika kwa kweli, nguvu za hali na mali zinahitajika huko, na dua nyingi, kwani hilo janga kubwa sana