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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Insanity of Politics: Kenya's perspective

If you want to become mad, then assumes yourself as a greatest Fan of Kenya's politics!..... Probably politics in general.

Some leaders, they are just like flags, they are highly driven by political wave, whether it resemble hurricane, see breeze or just normal wind... They cannot control themselves.

Within few years, politicians in Kenya had several ties and breaks. All ties and break-ups are just influenced by the country's political waves.

I dont want to recall post-election violence which claimed several souls of many innocent people. Kibaki ang Raila had a great tabloid situation based on politicl cheats on vote counting. Through externa forces, the two politicians eventually settled their "bills".

Two allies then clashed again on issues related to ministers who were thought to be mafisadi. Raila suspended them, but Mwai surfaced on another side of the coin and nullified Raila decision.

When the issue of Katiba became hot, the two top comrades became friends again, and one minister who was pardoned by Kibaki, went against Kibaki on this constitution issue!!

Well, well, eventually many people supported the new constitution which was ratified on 27th August 2010.

Mwai Kibaki after signing the new constitution ( Photo by world bulletin)

The day for ratification of Kenya's new constitution, Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan was invited which angered United Nations. US president also was not satisfied with this act.

I still wonder the man below (Photo by Reuters) whose thinking assumes Obama plus Oginga and Kibaki makes a new Kenya... while Obama was angered by Kenya's to invite Al Bashir....

The day of inauguration of new constitution, people they gathered at Uhuru Park from 5.00 am ( I just wish all workers will be punctual at their respective offices like this)

Interestingly, some VIP/ministers, they failed to get chairs. Master of ceremony had to work hard to secure more chairs for the VIP.

At the ground, noises and vuvuzelas were the Kachumbari of the day!

We are waiting to hear something nutty from there!!!

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