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Monday, 23 July 2012

War in Eastern DR Congo: Kagame Blasts International Community

President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame today when addressing the Ambassadors, Internationa senior Military officers, Local senior and junior Military Officers and other invited guests to the inauguration of Rwanda Defence Forces Command and Staff College. He expressed his disatisfaction on remarks which has been made by powerful international community by condemning his Government to support Eastern Congo rebels.
He denied all accusations impounded on his Government's shoulders as baseless and infact intriguing more chaos in the region. 
He spent some time explaining how the current war started which was engineered by the same Internation community which he did not disclose their identities.  
Among the things he said, where his speech was broadcasted live by Rwanda Television, is that he was approached well in advance before the current havoc, that he should give help to the Internation Criminal Court (ICC) to facilitate arrest for some of the Congolese rebellions which were needed by Internation Criminal Court for justice trial regarding crimes against humanity (which he said this organisations-ICC, has been politicised and lost its meaning and intentions). According to him, he was shocked by this act, and he refused to interfere other autonomy state, he gave them clear answer if they want to do that in Congolese territory, let them proceed without involving Rwanda.  
He further said, he communicated to DR Congo president on this matter to warn him what has been cooked under the ground, which he realised his neighbour president was aware and actually wanted those rebellions to be handled to his Government rather than being sent to ICC. 
President Kagame was puzzled after he realised that the plan was going ahead despite that The Congolese Government had a meeting with rebellions and International community where there was an agreement of certain matters to be solved to maintain the peace. 
H. E. Kagame is irked to see the war is getting fiercer, and the International community have shut down their deaf ears to what they know exactly what is happening, while opening their mouth by shouting Rwanda stops ........... He added that, what is happening in Congo now, is what exactly happened during the Rwanda genocide in 1994 where same if not similar people shut down their deaf ears and eyes witnessing shed of innocent blood massively. He actually express that the ICTR which was established by UN to charge the genocide mastermind network, should also charge some members of International Community.

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