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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Oh! It's Christmas!

Children enjoying the ride on Christmas day in Dar - Tanzania
Christmas is one of the most celebrated day in the world. 
At this season, everybody express love, peace and harmony.
Children usually they enjoy most, of course the parents becomes happy to see sweet smiles from their children, they even forget that the expenditures had just surged for the preparations of the event. To be noticed when they are about to pay the school fees etc :-)
Oh my kids, I love you dearly, enjoy the Christmas, as we are celebrating the birth of the holy child. 


Malkiory Matiya said...

Sure it is, Merry x-mass & a prosperous new year 2012.

Upepo Mwanana said...

Kila la heri kwa maandalizi ya mwaka mpya wa 2012