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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wonders of the World. Parasitic Twin Removed in India

Eight year old Deepak Kumar Paswaan from India will finally have a normal childhood after his “parasitic twin” has been surgically removed. The boy who became known around the world by the nickname “octopus-boy” was born with partially developed legs and arms of his undeveloped twin growing from his chest.  
The boy was stigmatized for eight years; by some he was perceived as an incarnation of God, while others thought of him as the devil in the human body. 
In order to allow the boy to have a normal life, four-hour operation of removing his undeveloped twin was performed in a hospital Fortis, the Indian city of Bangalore in June this year and boy is recovering successfully and begins to live a normal life.

The boy first appeared in the media in February when the shares started collecting money for an operation that would remove the extra limbs of a boy. 
“I’m tired of it to be different from other kids, I just want to live normally,” said Deepak after surgery.


Faysal said...

thats really an amazing story.


I like how happy he looks on the last photo!

Ila inasemekana matatizo ya kihivi hutokea sana India kutokana na ndugu wa karibu kuzaliana. Inasemekana kuna maeneo kibao India ukicheki unaweza kustukia karibu watu kibao ni ndugu wa karibu kitu kifanyacho wakizaa si kitu cha ajabu watoto kuzaliwa na kasoro kama hizi au tu pia magonjwa ya ajabu ajabu!

teca said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

What parasite strangest! Good thing the doctors had good results and the child can live better. :))

A warm hug.

Anonymous said...