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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

RwandAir Roars

Photo and Source: New times

Rwandair, a company which was established in 2002 is striving hard to achieve great successes in air transport industry.

Recently had acquire a new Boeing 737-500 which has a capacity of taking 110 on board including crews.

They expect to get another similar aircraft by August this year. And yet... they have secured a loan which will enable them to buy 2 more Boeing 737-800 series towards the end of next year.

They want to compete on the west Africa market which now is dominated by Kenya airways and Ethiopian airlines. Also they are planning to establish daily flights to Johanesburg.

It should be remembered that late last year, RwandAir, acquired its first fleet of two CRJ200s aircrafts, By which they manage to establish direct flights from Kigali to Dar-es Salaam which has better services if you compare with many aged airliners in the region.

Mimi nachukulia maendeleo ya Rwandair kama ni changamoto kwa nchi nyingine, wajue penye nia pana njia. Na hakuna kisichowezekana.

Congrats RwandAir express.



AIR Tanzania OYEE!

Hivi kuna anayekumbuka historia ya AIR TANZANIA kabla ya kuamua Precision AIR inaweza zaidi Tanzania?

Chacha o'Wambura a.k.a Ng'wanambiti! said...

nabaki najiumauma tu hapa. kama wao wameweza kwa nini akina siye tusiweze?