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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Italy Stormed Out of World Cup 2010 Competitions

Bad day for Giants reigning world champions, the Italian team, as they are wiped out of world cup 2010 tournament. They were knocked out by Slovakia by 3 -2 goals.

They got out of competition with 2 points only. Good memmories they had 4 years ago had just faded like a thin smoke in air.

This 2010 world cup had come with many surprises. Many Giant teams had really struggled to qualify for the next stage, African teams have done badly, and South American teams have shined out.

Italy has to be restructured and get ready for 2014 world cup in Brazil. With the current team they will not reach far.

Who is to be blamed......... Jabulani ball! or ....

Italians fans are very much disappointed (including their African fans)

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