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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

England Riots: When Epicenter of Civilisation Produces Tsunami Waves!

Despite several reasons given for the causes of London riots which later spreads to other cities such as social exclusions, spending cuts on welfare dependence, lack of employment, poor measures over technology and social networking, weak governing policies and opportunism. I still believe there is much more this riot has revealed, which include poor upbrough of youths in such a way they feel vandalism and social terror as something funny. 
I agree with the idea of Premier Cameron to find ways of reviving societal insight among young Britons following the riot in several cities of UK.   
When the retent youths asked what did they took during the riot or why they were involved in the riot, astonishing responses came out, some of them you cannot believe that they come from someone who is not under influence of brain tranquiliser!  
There was under 14 youth was held for snatching a bin
Another girl of almost similar age haked a handful of onions
16 years old boy, walk out with diappers for his neonate
Another girl when asked why she set fire on a shop, she replied that she did it for fun! Unbelievable
Another 16 years old boy is charged with a murder of 68 years old man, he has  another four bulglaries and violent behaviour charges!  
If nothing is gonna be done soon, the epicenter of civilisation will turn into disastrous tsunami of chaos and mad-society.


Trevor said...

This country has been a 'mad-society' full of chaos for a good few years now.
Soft sentences for criminal behaviour...the so-called human rights of the law breakers...the removal of the rights of a Parent to punish their children etc etc - all these things and more have led us to where we are now.


chib said...

Hello Trevor, that is the meaning of civilised epicenter, always ahead of favouring humanity rather than thinking how best to build up good manners in the society. When I grew up, we used to receive information that England is the mirror of humble and good behaviours. But recently, when I got to know about how human rights is practised in England, I knew it is a time bomb. Thanks for your visit Trevor!

emu-three said...

Wow, not in Africa only, even there!

Upepo Mwanana said...

While in Africa we are dying from political decisions, our comrades are dying from social behaviour and personal conducts. Strange world!

masterE said...

hopefully they find an amicable solution.just hope here in kenya,2012 wont be on fire...this politicians should try and avert a crisis by any means..

chib said...

MasterE, we pleads to those who thinks they were born to be leaders by any means... to forget that, at least for the sake of wananchi. Let them choose what they want and not what they will be chosen for....
@ Emu..., may be more will come out!
@ Upepo, those are political waves.. unpredicatble nakuambia!

Amin said...

To understand these riots are not very easy...