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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Netherlands Win For WC Finals Cheered by Many Africans

Netherlands qualified for the WC 2010 In South Africa over a narrow edge advantage over Uruguay, this has given some Africans fans big relief from the pain they suffered when Ghana was defeated by Uruguay in a controversial game through penalty shoot-out.
Many African fans were not happy when they saw Uruguay players lifts up Suarez in cheers after the penalt shoot-out, who apparently was red carded by handling the jabulani ball, which was heading into his team net, which eventually diminishes Ghana's hope to advance into semi-finals.
This was different as compared to Thierry Henry goal to lift up France to the WC, where French players sympathises somehow for the faulty action leading to exit of their opponent.

The memmory of South Africa to be defeated 3 - 0 by Uruguay had an added effect on South African fans.

Many South Africans whites also had a big smile for the same factors as other African football fans, but for them, it was more than that...., some of them, their ancestors originates from Netherlands, so it was big cheers for them after South African team earl elimination and the last hope for Africa continent... Ghana exit.
It was agreat celebrations too for Dutch people all over the world.
German team is a favourite to win today for the second semi-final game, however, I prefer Spain to qualify for this year Finals!!
Photo by BBC


nyahbingi worrior. said...

Kaka Chib,habari za siku nyingi?

Mpira sasa unaelekea ukingoni,ni vigumu kutabiri nani atashinda.

Sellasi I.

Anya said...

I prefer also spain ;)
And MAYBE we will win
the WC 2010 In South Africa....
My country is all ORANGE colored!!

Thanks for your concern Chib
It means a lot to me !!!!