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Sunday, 15 March 2009

When a pet become pitty

Recently there was bitter complaints from employees of Zamani Zanzibar Kempiski hotel directed to a pet(dog) belongs to one of the foreigner boss.

It was said that, the pet was always accompanying the boss every where including at the hotel premises (office), it was further said the pet was also "attending" staff meeting with the owner which make the local staffs stunned (consider that majority of Zanzibaris are moslem), as the dog was allowed to feed on tha same plates which was being used by all staffs, this was found to be unbearable.

It was further said, people were not happy from the habit of a dog liking sniffing their legs and sometimes smash them around gently(mind that the pet is "he" dog). People were more adamant when they were told to apologise to the dog when they slap "him" when the pet "smashing" games were beyond individual tolerance.

The owner eventually decided to flew the pet back to New York, claiming he want the pet to go and rest, because people are complaining unnecessarily!

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