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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Museveni: His Kingdom and kinship

I was trying to speculate a dubious and nepotistic King Museveni’s strategies in ruling his new Uganda Kingdom which he had been building it slowly and strategically.

I was very much interested when I read several articles about him and the one which attracted most was The independent magazine which had an extensive Museveni achievement in ruling Uganda by investing in the national army and in his own clan.
Among the 23 national army top commands, 74% come from Museveni’s western region.

There are 5 full generals named Y. K. Museveni(King), Elly Tumwine, Salim Saleh(King M brother), David Tinyefuza, and Aronda Nyakairima. They are all Bahima, which is Museveni’s sub-ethnic group


King M – The distinguished president
Queen Jannet M – State Minister for Karamoja, Member of Parliament
Natasha Museveni-Karugire (Daughter) –president private secretary in-charge for Statehouse household
Edwin Karugire (son in law, husband of Natasha) – Is among richest people in the Kingdom. People say he made his money because he married President Museveni’s daughter. However, his company, Kiwanuka, Karugire and Co. Advocates is very successful. A modest man who is not averse to buying drinks for the boys, he has also branched out into the lucrative business of selling airtime cards, and has a franchise on Entebbe Road.
Muhozi Museveni(son) – Commander of special forces
Gen. Salim Saleh (brother) – Senior president advisor on defence
Jovia Saleh (sister in law, wife of Gen. Saleh) – wealthy business lady holding real estates and other big businesses
Sam Kutesa (brother in law) – Minister of foreign affairs
Miriam Karugaba (sister and semi illiterate) – State house administrator
Jimmy Karugaba (Miriam husband = brother in law) – incharge of State house account department
Joseph Ekwau (nephew) – president private secretary – In-charge of medical services (HIV/AIDS)
Justus Karuhangwa (nephew to Mrs Museveni) – Private Secretary to president on legal affairs
Bright Rwamirama (cousin) – Minister for animal husbandry
Faith Mirembe (cousin) – assistant Private Secretary – In-charge of education and social services
Hope Nyakairu (Mrs. Museveni cousin =Niece in law) – State house Undersecretary for administration and Finance
Don Nyakairu (Husband of Hope) – Corporation secretary of Uganda Telecom Ltd
Jolly Sabune (sister in law) – Executive director of Cotton Development Authority
Odrek Rwabogo (son in law - married to Patience, a daughter of King) – Own public relations company - Handle big governmental events, such as CHOGM
Hannington Karuhanga (cousin to Mrs Museveni, his wife is a sister of chief of defense forces) – chairman of Uganda coffee exporting company, and chair of Stanbic bank.
It is also said that The King treat some of his aides irrationally like;
Dr. Sam Byabagaire who is a special presidential assistant on veterinary services is actually work as a farm manager of King’s ranches
Presidential Guard brigade soldiers usually guard and grazes King’s cattle.

I am still asking myself, whe he fall out of power, what will happen to the Kingdom and "kinship" he had built?
Or, does that signify he prepares himself to rule until he lost his last breath in this world?


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