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Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Salt is widely used in the world.
It is said that salt has more than 14,000 uses, which includes medical therapy, preservative, antiseptic etc.

Among the known commonest use of salt includes, to add taste on food we eat, preservatives of meat and fish, medical treatment like chronic obstructive and restrictive lung disease by which in some research done in Germany, those people suffering from chest problems, when spends about one hour in room filled with salts, has proven to give much more long standing relief from symptoms of chronic lung diseases. In actual fact, saline clinics are becoming more popular as alternative treatment for chronic chest problems.

Also it has been said that in case of anger, anxiousness, low mood and loss of self esteem, salt is the best remedies to overcome such stresses and making somebody’s day, however, people with high blood pressure are not recommended to take excess salt . it actually make the situation worse.

During ancient time, salt was widely used in barter trade, where Arabs were exchanging in equal volume with gold from Ghana. (What an exploitation done at that time!!)
Also, salt was one of commodities believed to be holy and bring lucky, some priests had used salt in baptism. In Swiss, men they kept salt in their pockets believing that it helps to maintain their marriage, similarly in Germans, the brides used to put salt in their shoes for the same purposes.

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