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Friday, 21 October 2011

Gadhafi: Received Brutal Death from Mob Justice

End of former Libyan leader, Mouammar Gadhafi was typically horrible! 
The mob justice, that was the ultimate judgement for him which led to his death.
He was murdered brutally, beaten with anything available and anywhere where the kick manage to reach him. He was dragged and soaked on his own blood. 
He was shot too, in the head and had some bone shattered. He suffered multiple visceral ruptures from the kicks around his abdomen.  
He was undressed without being unbuttoned, his clothes which were already soaked with his blood were simply ripped of into pieces. He was stripped off too and people made fun of his corpse by taking videos and make photo with the laid down Gadhafi's corpse.  
He died in severe pain and agony as the mob hit him hard helplessly. He actually witness every stage of his death while suffering from severe pain from kicks, fists, iron bars, dragging on the rough ground and so on. 
It was really a brutal and shocking death 

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Anya said...

Yes it was !!!!!